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Beginners Guide to Write An Autobiography Essay

An autobiographical essay is a simple essay about the writer’s life experiences.

Such essays are usually assigned at the start of your term, as it gives your teacher a chance to get to know you and your writing skills.

However, you can be asked to write a personal essay for a job application. Or you can write it for your personal use, to preserve your memories. Moreover get help from 'write my essay' service to get professional assistance. 

Irrespective of your reason for writing the essay, the process remains the same. Let’s take a look at the steps needed:

Figure out what you want to share with the reader

An autobiography essay is different from your traditional autobiographies where you’re supposed to share your entire life story starting from birth, childhood to the current day.

For your essay, you can’t talk about the entire life events, pick out something that has the most emotional and sentimental value.

It can be an accomplishment or the time when you thought of giving up but didn’t and how it helped you become stronger. You can also discuss a significant relationship in your life.

What is your purpose for writing it

There’s always a purpose behind writing some essays, what do you want to achieve by it? Figure out your reasons for telling the story.

Carefully go through the requirements, so you don’t miss something important.

Keep the audience in mind

At the end of the day, what you’re writing for is for others. So consider the audience who will read your paper and then share the information accordingly.

Gather ideas

Before you jump straight to the writing stage, take your time to brainstorm ideas. Go back to the event that you want to write about and list down all the details.

You can take help from your friends and family to help fill out the missing details.

Create an outline

Once you have gathered all the information, the next step is to figure out a way to share it with the reader.

Having a defined outline gives you a sense of direction and acts like a placeholder for your information.


Always start by the story you want to share with the reader. You can even begin by something that happened in the middle of the story to grab the reader’s interest.

And don’t forget to write your essay in the first person, as you’re sharing your own perspective.


The body of your essay will describe the entire story using strong details. Use the storylike elements such as plot, setting, dialogues and characters.

Tell your story in a chronological manner and use transitions to follow a smooth flow.


Your conclusion should give a sense of closure and completeness to the story. End the essay by stating the importance of your story, what you learned from it, etc.

The best way to write such essays is to just be yourself. However if you’re facing a hard time sharing your story, you can opt for essay typer help free.

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